“Arneson’s work is rich with real life quotes and examples that help drive home his strategies for reaching your goals, both personally and career wise. As the title suggests, his passion for the ocean leads to countless examples from the sport of sailing as well. Leadership books can be dry, this one though is filled with motivation and vision, and Arneson is a worthy guide on the path to becoming a better leader and a better person.”

-Tobin Crenshaw, review

“Arneson is a smart man, who has incorporated his societal knowledge, and his life experiences in competitive sailing, into a plan for life…This book’s premise is that you can steer your life, and your business, the way you steer your craft! It’s a good read [and] I’m happy to steer you in its direction. I quite enjoyed it. It’s darn good for a first book!”

-Jennifer A. Jilks, blog

“Unlike many a business book and against some conventional wisdom, [Arneson] views every enterprise as a fully integrated team effort, and here lies the real wisdom that sets this book apart from its fellows…All in all, this book is an excellent, enjoyable, and economic review of many tried and true tactics with some significant surprises.”

-Bob Avakian, The Leading Edge newsletter

“I enjoyed the stories in this book and being able to learn in more depth the art and science of sailing. Certainly, Plotting the Course underscored how you weigh risk, and experience uncertainty in life and how you can get through it.”

-Dr. Alan Viau, blog

“Rick Arneson masterfully parallels some of life’s most quintessential core lessons of character development to the rudimentary principles applied in the sport of sailing in Plotting the Course.”

-Denise Murray Wong, review

“I was most happy with the fact that the author did [reference] other sports, but was able to bring the lessons back to the world of sailing. He articulated that sailing really is like no other sport and WHY, which has been rumbling around in all of our collective sailing minds for so long. Arneson is finally able to put it into black and white in a way that, at least, gets your own brain spinning enough to have a fantastic discussion about it amongst friends, teammates, and colleagues.”

-Ashley Love, review

“Author Arneson does an admirable job of outlining the lessons for success as well as achievement that come from learning how to be a proper sailor. Arneson’s passion for competitive sailing helps make this boat an enjoyable read that may help influence how you make decisions, organize your day, or more effectively cooperate with others in order to realize your goals, both personally as well as professionally.”

-Dee Long, review